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F-32 Models 320. 321, 322

Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2017 1:13 pm
by BeaconMarineBob
Here is a basic break down between models of the F-32

320 / 321 / 322

F-32 model 320 is a (Express Cruiser) she came with or without a hard top but most often with hard top and flybridge. It did not have a patio door or a salon.

The engine room is around 30” aft of what is on the F-32 model 321 this allowed for a larger cabin.

F-32 model 321 ( Sadan) is the most popular F-32. She came with a patio door and salon.

The flybridge was a option but became standard later.

F-32 model 322 ( sport fisherman)

Had a larger open deck, smaller cabin and flybridge.

Engine room was located in the same location as the model 321

The last 322 was made in 1976

In 1989 Trojan came out with a new model 322 which was the same as the model 321 but had a mummie bed like what you would see on a Trojan International 10 meter.