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Trojan 1952 - 1992 “ The End Of A Era”

Posted: Fri Feb 16, 2018 7:30 pm
by BeaconMarineBob
The End of the Trojan Era

I am often asked what caused such a superior boat company to end after 40 years.

Several things played into the final sale of Trojan to Carver Yachts in 1992 for $800,000 dollars.

1. The 1989 Savings and Loan crisis along with rising gas prices and the Gulf War.

2. The 1991 Federal Luxury tax

3. Management and leadership issues of Trojan Yachts and parent company “Bertram - Trojan Inc. Trojan made boating history with the introduction of International Boats. However their success as a cutting edge company was cut short as they lost their edge by not investing more into research and development. This lack of ingenuity cost them boat sales starting in 1989 to more progressive companies like Sea Ray.

1990-1991 Bertram - Trojan Inc put both the Trojan and Bertram boat companies up for sale.

1992 Bertram - Trojan Inc files for bankruptcy. Gruppo Varasi of Milan, Italy buys Bertram. Carver Yachts buys Trojan.

For more on the Carver Yachts purchase of Trojan see the link below. ... mentation/