Help with boat systems

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Help with boat systems

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Need some help with the non-drive train systems on a 1986 Trojan 10 meter express. Lets start with the toilet system. On the 6 previous boats, including the Californian 34LRC never encountered a vacuum flush system. Reading about them indicates they may or may not have macerator and a Y valves for dumping overboard.
From the pictures posted this boat has a vacuum dump system. From the electrical panel it also has a macerator, which I can hear run when turned on. The vac pump isn't working since no flush. Maybe holding tank full? There is water visible as one tries to flush the toilet and the trap door opens???? How is all this suppose to work? Where would the Y valve be for pumping overboard? Is there a pump for that or is the macerator pump the pump use to pump overboard??
Also the other pictures shows a pump on top of a compartment with two disconnected hoses. Is that the water pump? and just located on the tank? Are there tanks underneath that area? Maybe holding and the water tank. Two hoses into the compartment where I assume there is a tank. One hose from toilet? One smaller black homes into the compartment from the sink and shower??? Probably can't tell much from pictures but verbal description of system and operation would be helpful. Thanks
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