Domestic fridge on board?

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Domestic fridge on board?

Post by Innyn »

My question is: While there is no problem to run this on mains supply when I am berthed at the marina, can I run this via an inverter when I am at anchor? If yes, what 'size' of inverter would I need?
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Re: Domestic fridge on board?

Post by prowlersfish »

Yes you can use a inverter . As far as size that would depend on the power needed to start and run the fridge . You will need to look at the specs of the fridge you are buying . Make sure you look at the starting amps or wattage . Then you can figure the size invertor needed . You will also need to figure out how much battery power will be needed based on power draw and time used .
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Re: Domestic fridge on board?

Post by P-Dogg »

Buy yourself a kill-a-watt and measure your actual power consumption over time. Note that it will be a function of ambient temperature. Size ur batteries based on november consumption rate and you will be disappointed come August. Northern hemisphere presumed. And read nigel calders boat ownwers mechanical and electrical handbook. Lots of inverter sizing info.

One advantage of inverter is that u can power 120v fridge underway w/o running the generator.

Tip: when on inverter, turn fridge temp up to reduce cooling demand.
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Re: Domestic fridge on board?

Post by Big D »

Give your current and possible future needs some thought before you purchase the inverter. You want enough output to handle your current needs and perhaps a bit more for future expansion. The problem is the higher the output the higher the installation costs. There is a point where the cost of the inverter is the least expensive part of the system, the supporting hardware can easily cost more. Don't skimp out here, to ensure you end up with a safe system, read the instructions carefully and use only proper marine hardware.

Will this be a dedicated inverter for the fridge only or will it power up the entire ship? If it's dedicated, how will you switch the fridge's power supply from shore to inverter, by swapping a plug or using a selector switch, or will you go with a more expensive unit that switches to inverter output automatically when it does not sense shore power? If you plan on the unit supplying the entire ship's AC panel, remember that you can't install it in a gasoline engine bay unless it's rated for that, I only know of one, the Promariner. Also consider getting a true sign wave unit, your compressor and other loads will thank you for it.
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