decals on ebay

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Re: decals on ebay

Post by Freddy »

IMHO those stickers are garbage anyway. The fact that it's an artist's rendition of the actual logo and the fake shadow effect, cheese. If someone got within 20 feet of your boat they'd know it was a cheap bumper sticker.
And you can forget about any promises of longevity especially if your boat is on salt water or in the sunlight. The clear lamination is not going to protect it from the sun. They don't even say that the decals are marine decals. As some of you may already know there's a significant differeence between vinyl and marine grade vinyl decals. In a year you'll be cursing yourself while trying to remove the glue residue that p.o.s. left on the side of your boat.

As far as the turkey who started this thread, I say good riddance. He informs everyone that there was a person trying to make money by burning the company that we respect and do business with, then gets offended by our lack of tolerance for scumbags and quits the forum? I've already spent too much time thinking about that childish nonsense.

Also someone said the seller had pulled the questionable ad. This is true. the item in the original thread of this post is no longer available. However, here are links to two items the seller 9xmarine currently has available in their store, both of which contain this "artist's rendition" of the Trojan logo. ... 3973481%26 ... 337f978c21
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Re: decals on ebay

Post by hmc »

MAN THEM regastion numbers won't cut it in most states . get tickit for sure .
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Re: decals on ebay

Post by gettaway »

I must say that it never ceases to amaze me when guys like google get all pissed off over something so stupid......maybe he was only here to flip a boat? or...was it Jeff :?
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