Hynautic Tubing Repair - Unusual End-Washer O-ring

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Hynautic Tubing Repair - Unusual End-Washer O-ring

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Hi Forum:

A co-worker helped me dig this out from another websit. This was a huge deal to me, because I was getting ready to call a pro and spend a lot, for an o-ring.

Basically, I had a small leak coming through the helm when I bought the boat. I only have a single helm station on the fly bridge of my F32. I took the reservoir (center) tube off then compared it to the STBD fitting and noted that it looked like an o-ring was missing. So, I bought a kit of O-rings and none worked. I looked inside the fitting on the helm and it is concave, with no place for an o-ring to seat. A few on-line searches and these parts on on their way.

Maybe this can save someone else some effort.

Tech note with part numbers: http://boaterstore.com/hynautics/5-16odassembly.pdf

Blog that pointed me to a solution: http://silverton34c.blogspot.com/2013/0 ... -pads.html

Supplier: http://www.marineparts.com/p-26750-o-ring.aspx

Another supplier with catalog and part numbers: http://boaterscatalog.com/images/fittin ... 0hoses.pdf

I ordered (2) 530015, (2) 211010, (2) 530025, (2) 530045 and (1) 530175. I actually only think I really need (1) 211010 O-ring, because that is definitely missing. However, I want to have repair parts on hand and there was a $25 minimum order. If this works, I'll order a coupling, one more assembly of all the stuff and some nylong tubing to have on-hand for an underway hose blow.

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