New member, could use some information

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New member, could use some information

Post by Clarkieo »

I am a new member of your forum who could use some information on a Trojan runabout I am working on this winter.

I have had this boat for years, under cover and have decided this is the winter to work on it.

The boat is 16' (roughly) long, with mahagony decks(caulked) front and rear. No walkthrough in front seat back.
It is white sided with a gold bottom and came with upholstered seat backs.

I have not found any serial number but am not sure where to look, it does not appear to be on the transome brace as shown in the forum.

I think my boat is a 50's super deluxe sea queen. I have a color brochure for the 1956 Trojans that show a varnished strip on the side, mine does not have this. (a 55 maybe?).

Thanks in advance for any help in ID it and I will keep you posted on the progress.

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