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Winterizing plans...

I just store mine (inboard V-8 ) with empty water jackets. I've heard that some fill with antifreeze/water mix to prevent corrosion. I just don't know if the rubber vanes in my water pump would like that. Never had anything plugged with rust.

I "ran" my SkiBee 4 or five times out of the water. Had to plumb some new gas line after I took the tops off the carbs and had some leaks. It's hard to stretch stainless! Patched in a piece of rubber gas hose--the good stuff. It worked.

My biggest problem is gas. About 20 gallons of 1-year-old or older gas in the tank. I added Sea Foam and a little Marvel Mystery oil last fall, but I don't know how the gas will "keep" another winter.

I bought some Sta-Bil but haven't put it in yet. I don't like to mix snake-oils.

Funny conundrum: I wanted to "waste" 20 gallons of gas tearing around with it this summer, and was thwarted by a transom fix.
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