Oh, the humanity!

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Oh, the humanity!

Post by 61SkiBee »

Well, she doesn't look quite as bad as the Hindenberg this spring, but Das Boot still needs a lot of work.

I want to repaint and re-caulk inside and out.

Question: how to bottom paint an inboard hull on a trailer? I've done this before by jacking up one back corner at a time, and then the front, but it was so long ago and I was much younger then.

The inboard design means that much of the bottom is covered by the two long skid pads (or whatever they're called) along each side of the virtually flat bottom. The center rollers in the front aren't too bad.

Anybody know any tricks? The only way to put this on a "rotisserie" and roll it over is to remove the engine, all 800 pounds of it (See my avatar)

This is quite an undertaking.

I'm also considering installing some EPS polystyrene sheets. I've got a lot of 1/2" to 3/4" pieces. Is it crazy to put it inside the interior panels along the hull, under the deck, etc.?

I'm thinking sound deadening, especially the vibration transmitted to the hull by the engine, exhaust pipes and prop shaft, and even flotation in the event of a catastrophic breach.
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