Woman wants ‘deer crossing’ signs moved

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Woman wants ‘deer crossing’ signs moved

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Woman wants ‘deer crossing’ signs moved so deer cross somewhere else

Donna called in to a North Dakota radio show saying it's irresponsible to have the signs in areas of such high traffic
We've written many stories about smart and compassionate animals, but A woman who called into a North Dakota radio show is giving far too much credit to deer.
She called in to Fargo-area station Y94 Playhouse to complain about the "deer crossing" signs being in high-traffic areas and highways after she had been in three car accidents involving deer. She said all of the accidents happened shortly after she saw a "deer crossing" sign.

Most of us seem to know that the signs are made for drivers so they know to be extra mindful of the animals in certain areas. This is a fact the radio show host told her after asking if she was kidding.
Donna said she has written letters to local TV stations and newspapers in the past, but her complaint has fallen on deaf ears.

"The government put the deer crossings there, they can direct the deer populations anywhere they want to by moving that deer crossing sign," Donna said. Her request and solution is simple - move the signs to lower traffic areas.

The hosts found it difficult to explain to the woman the purpose of the signs and just quietly laughed at her. They eventually gave up trying to explain things to Donna and told her they would help spread the message. They certainly have done that. The video posted online has about 2.5 million views.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... I8UPHMzZm8

Donna isn't the only person who thinks deer crossing signs in high-traffic areas are a problem. Indiana resident Tim Abbott submitted a letter to a local newspaper last year suggesting that the signs be moved because a lot of deer get hit by cars in that area.
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