Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas

Post by prowlersfish »

Merry Christmas . I wish you all and your family and Friends a very Merry Christmas
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Post by LandVF36 »

Merry Christmas to you too Paul... and the rest...
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Post by alexander38 »

I wish all you guys a Merry Christmas, Our grandbaby is now old enough to tear in it and we have another on the way, This was a good yr for my Wife and I on the biz side and boating. I hope you all to have a good day with your family and friends.
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Post by aaronbocknek »

merry christmas everybody!! planning a low key, ''whats a hebrew to do day'' today. take care of some stuff on the boat, laundry, chinese takeout and an all day marathon on bbcamerica of doctor who, leading up to the annual christmas dr. who special.
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Allen Sr
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Post by Allen Sr »

Merry Christmas to everyone !
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Post by k9th »

Merry Christmas to all you folks and your families. Giant snow storm headed our way tomorrow.

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Post by rooferdave »

merry christmass to all!

My christmass wish is for a safe and happy boating year for us all!
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Post by Big D »

alexander38 wrote:....grandbaby....and we have another on the way, This was a good yr for my Wife and I on the biz side and boating......
Happy to hear all that Tony, congrats.

Merry Christmas everyone. Can't think of a better crew to share my best wishes with. And it's going to be a great new year, right?!
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Post by larryeddington »

Merry Christmas to all as well from "sunny Texas". Pouring rain all day and by snow this evening. :)
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Post by summer storm »

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone from the Bahamas. I'll be cruising around (working) over here until the 28th of Jan.

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Post by tsawyer »

Merry Christmas!
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Post by Stripermann2 »

Merry Christmas and happy holidays all...enjoy!

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Post by Torcan »

Merry Christmas everyone, keep the spirit bright, and the tradition front and center.
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Post by carlywolf »

Merry Christmas to all and their families and a Happy New Year!!! Thank you all for giving me great info and insight into these great Trojan vessels in 2012. Looking forward to my first full year with my Trojan :D
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