Ebay selling tip for local pick-up items

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Ebay selling tip for local pick-up items

Post by P-Dogg »

I was selling this arc welder, and because it is basically two miles of copper wire wrapped around stacked iron plates, it is damned heavy. Not wanting to deal with making a shipping crate and dealing with truck freight, I placed the ad with "local pick-up only."

So some guy who doesn't have, shall we say, command of the english language, clicks "buy it now" and buys my welder without so much as asking a question first. Of course they are 1100 miles away and want me to ship it. I politely decline, and start a claim in the ebay resolution center indicating that the the buyer can't meet the terms of purchase. The seller and I agree to cancel the purchase through the claims resolution center. Forgive me for thinking that ebay and paypal would have things worked out so that if a transaction is cancelled before an item is shipped, that the financial arrangements of said transaction would be cancelled too. They aren't.

Now Bozo Buyer started a claim against me saying that I never shipped the item! While i'm not paying attention to something that never happened (a sale), the guy's paypal account is charged for the purchase, and he now (rightfully) wants his money back. As I'm working with paypal to do that, I try not to think about how much time this a whole is costing me. But I do think of a way to protect myself from future idiots when I don't want to ship.

Shipping: $2000 or free local pick-up....
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Re: Ebay selling tip for local pick-up items

Post by prowlersfish »

Some folks bid with out reading
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