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Gauge Information -- Useful -- 0.00

It may be useful read the information we have posted on the website that pertains to and explains gauges and how they're used with F-Series Trojans. The link below will take to the relevant page:

Delco Gauges and Senders

Safety Monitor Lights -- 126.42

Trojan safety monitor lights -- New -- Only 3 Available -- Very rare

Datcon Fuel Gauge -- 76.61

Datcon Fuel Gauge
Same installation - remove / replace - Back lighting is red for night driving - (TRJDAT3799)

Datcon Gauge Harness -- 29.71

Datcon Gauge / Plug Harness
All the Trojan Datcon gauges had a plug in harness. This makes for easy replacement of any Trojan Datcon gauge.

Datcon Oil Pressure - Used -- 42.72

Datcon Oil Pressure Gauge - "Old Style" - USED

Datcon Oil Pressure Gauge -- 78.31

Datcon Oil Pressure Gauge
Same connection -no adapter needed - Back lighting is red for night use - (TRJDAT3481)

Datcon Tachometer -- 175.00

Datcon Tachometer
Same installation as original - remove/replace - Back lite in red for night viewing (TRJDAT5261)

Datcon Tachometer - Used -- 100.00

"Old Style" Datcon Tachometer - USED ** Only ONE available **

Datcon Temperature Gauge -- 77.98

Datcon Temperature Gauge
Back lit red for night driving - Same installation - remove / replace - (TRJDAT8692)

Datcon Voltage Gauge -- 77.61

Datcon Voltage Meter
Back lit red for night use - Same installation - remove / replace - (TRJDAT3801)

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Datcon Voltage Gauge - "Old Style" -- 81.56

Datcon "Old Style" voltage gauge - NEW, Unused

Delco Fuel Gauge -- 75.00

Delco Fuel Gauge -- White Needle

Delco Fuel Gauge -- 40.10

Delco Oil Gauge
Used - Orange needle fuel gauge ** Only ONE available **

Delco Gauge Mechanical Tach -- 80.00

Delco Gauge Mechanical Tach
Used on early Trojans 1960's

Delco Oil Pressure Gauge -- 75.05

Delco Single Station oil Pressure Gauges
All Delco gauges were used in F boats

Delco Single Station Oil Gauge -- 75.12

Delco Single Station Oil Pressure Gauge

Delco Voltage Gauge -- 75.18

Delco Voltage Gauge

Dual Station Oil Gauge -- 37.50

Delco Dual Station Oil Gauge
Used on all F Boat through 1980 except new models starting in 1979 which had Datcon gauges. ** This is a used Delco Dual station oil gauge. ** Only TWO available.

Engine Hour Meter -- 64.73

Engine Hour Meter
2.1" x 1.2"

Faria Tachometers -- 85.00

Faria Tachometers (Used) Working take outs. Used with Delco gauges 1970-1980 ** Only TWO Available **

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Fuel Gauge -- 42.12

Fuel Gauge
This fuel gauge is a close match to the Delco fuel gauge. If you have a bad Delco gauge and do not want replace it with a Delco gauge this is a good answer. You will also need to change the fuel sender to standard values. 35 full 240 empty. We have standard value fuel senders as well as Delco fuel senders.

Oil Pressure -- 75.25

Oil Pressure Gauge - White needle
AC Delco Dual Station

Oil Pressure Gauge -- 47.24

Oil Pressure Gauge
This is a non-Delco gauge that is a close match to the original Delco gauges. If you have a bad oil pressure sender then this gauge is a good answer. The corresponding sender for this gauge is listed in this section. Chose a sender for single station or dual station.

Tach Generator -- 95.00

Tach Generator
This Tach Generator was used on many different diesels Trojan installed. If you need a replacement key call us. There were dozens of different keys used. We have many of the keys. We would need a picture and dimensions to ID your key. ** Only FOUR Available **

Tach Generator Key

Tach Generator Key
Since there a dozen different keys it is best to call us for availability.

Trojan Tach - Replacement (1970-80) -- 130.00

Tachometer for Trojan 1970-1980
NEW replacement for Delco Gauges

Volt Meter -- 50.25

Voltage Meter
Volt 0-150 -- Direct replacement original Trojan volt gauge

Voltage Gauge -- 47.77

Voltage Gauge -- This is a non-Delco gauge that is a close match to the original Delco gauges. This is a good replacement gauge. We do have a few ordinal Delco volt Gauges

Voltage Gauge - (Used) -- 39.62

Voltage Gauge - USED
Requires 2" cut-out / Outside is 2 5/16" square by 1 7/32" deep / Used in pre-1981 Trojans

Water Temp Gauge -- 37.40

Water Temperature Gauge
This is a non-Delco gauge that is a close match to the original Delco gauges. If you have a bad Delco water temp gauge then this gauge is a good answer. The corresponding sender for this gauge is listed in this section. Chose a sender for single station or dual station. Note : Delco and and any other gauge are non compatible. For example you can not have a Delco temp gauge starboard side lower station and a non Delco gauge on the upper station starboard side. Question call before ordering. 609-713-4602

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AC / Delco Temperature Sender

AC / Delco Temperature Sender
Dual or single station - This part is no longer available -- Call for pricing

Datcon Temp Sender (Dual) -- 55.25

Dual Station Datcon temp sender. For All F Boats and Internationals with Datcon Gauges.

Delco Fuel Sender -- 98.38

Delco Fuel Sender

Delco Gear Oil Sender -- 75.00

Delco Gear Oil Sender

Oil Pressure Sender -- 47.24

Oil Pressure Sender (0-80psi)
** Single station ** This sender will work with all Trojan Gauges except AC Delco.

Oil Pressure Sender (Dbl Station) -- 46.41

Oil Pressure Sender - (0-80psi)
** Dual Station ** Works with all Trojan oil pressure gauges except AC Delco

Temp Sender (Dual -- 3/8) -- 37.24

Dual station temp sender (3/8)
Standard values -- Part #TRJ5897

Temp Sender (Dual) -- 35.25

Temp Sender
Dual 1/8-27 (240 F max) -- Part #TRJ90406

Temp Sender (Dual) -- 35.37

Temperature sender (dual)
Standard values - Temperature sender can be used for all F Boats with non-Delco or Datcon temperature gauges. (Faria, Teleflex, Sierra, etc.)

Temperature Sender (Single) -- 35.36

Temperature sender (Single station)
For all Trojan International and F boats after 1979. 1/2 - 18 NPT threads -- Temp to 240 degree ** This sender will not work with a Delco temperature gauge **

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Datcon Fuel Sender

Datcon Fuel Sender
CALL TO ORDER - 609-713-4602 - We need your Hull Number and which fuel tank in order to provide the correct sender for your F-boat or International.

Oil Pressure Sender - AC Delco

Oil Pressure Sender - AC Delco
Working range ==> 0-80psi ** This part is NOT AVAILABLE ** If anyone figures out were to find these senders please contact us.

ABS Control Panel -- 82.73

ABS Control Panel
** Only 1 available **

Bilge Pump Plate - #1 -- 29.02

Bilge Pump Plate
Horizontal layout

Bilge Pump Plate - #2 -- 28.23

Bilge Pump Plate
Vertical Layout

Dash Warning Label -- 23.39

Dash Warning Label

DC Power Supply Panel Face -- 64.17

DC Power Supply Panel Face
** Have 10 **

F32 Panel Sticker -- 67.50

F32 Panel Sticker (1979 - 1981)
Comes as a set (Port and Starboard) - You can not see in the picture but above each of the switch labels are in RED - Engine / Bilge Forward and Aft (Port & Starboard) - If there is a problem with the engine or if bilge pump turns on the light under label comes on and the words are visible in Red.

Gauge Panel - F-30 Model 308 w/decals -- 425.01

Gauge Panel
F-30 model 308 w/decals

Gauge Panel - F30 -- 425.02

Panel is for a F-30 Model 308
Comes without decals ** Only TWO available **

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Bezel - Large Gauge -- 15.30

Bezel - Large Gauge
1979 - 1992

Datcon Gauge Bezel -- 12.00

Datcon Gauge Bezel (small)

Exhaust Temp Switch - Chrysler -- 65.02

Chrysler exhaust temp switch
This switch is installed in the exhaust manifold and is used to set off buzzer if water temp in the exhaust get over 225 degrees.

Trojan Head - (ABS Dash) -- 28.13

Trojan Head
Used on F Boat ABS Dashes

"Old Style" Alarm Buzzer -- 36.55

"Old Style" Alarm Buzzer

Alarm Buzzer -- 37.50

Alarm Buzzer
Used on F boats and Internationals

Trojan ABS Panel - F32 - New -- 425.06

F32 - Trojan ABS Panel (New)
** Have only one **

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