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Trim Tab Cylinder Bracket -- 17.59

Trim Tab Cylinder Bracket
Cylinder Brackets are used on the top and bottom of each hydraulic cylinder. Comes as seen in picture. ** Four available **

Trim Tab Cylinder Pin -- 1.68

Trim Tab Cylinder Pins
Nylon cylinder pin

Trim Tab Cylinders -- 215.00

Trojan Trim Tab Cylinders
$215.00 for the pair comes with hydraulic line ** Cylinders and hoses only ** (transom and tab brackets are sold separately)

Trim Tab Hose -- 5.64

Trim Tab Hose
Designed and manufactured exclusively for Trojan Boat Leveler. This trim tab hose is Rated at 2000 lb. burst pressure. Sold per foot -- Enter number of feet in Quantity ** Free shipping **

Trim Tab Hose Cover -- 24.61

Trim Tab hose cover (with screws)

Trim Tab Motor Pump -- 332.14

Trojan trim tab motor pump. This 12v motor pump can be used to replace the Trojan trim tab pumps in all single cylinder, 12v Insta-Trim systems. For use in both F-Boats or International. This pump unit comes with a housing, reservoir, motor, pump, solenoids and brass hose fittings and 2 stainless steel hose clamps (already assembled). This allows for easy installation

Trim Tab Seal Kit -- 33.60

Seal Kit for Trim Tab Cylinder

Trim Tab Switch Plate -- 44.72

Trim tab switch plate with screws -- Only ONE Available -- FREE SHIPPING

Hynautic Helm Pump Kit - (H50) -- 52.49

Hynautic Helm Pump Kit for H-50
If you are not sure which helm pump you have please call before ordering - 609-713-4602

Hynautic Seal Kit - (H20) -- 57.29

Hynautic Seal Kit - H-20 3/4" shaft for 1979 and newer H-20 Hynautic Helm ** FREE SHIPPING **

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Trojan Shaft Packing -- 29.10

Trojan Shaft Packing
Packing for Trojan shafts -- $29.10 per shaft -- Cut to size -- Please indicate at check out which model Trojan you have. For example F-32, 321, etc. If you are unsure, please call to order -- 609-713-4602

10M Cutlass Bearing -- 88.37

10 Meter Cutlass Bearing
For the intermediate bearing - 1 1/4" Shaft -- Part #TRJCUB

Cutlass Bearing - 10M -- 113.49

10M Cutlass Bearing
Main V Strut -- 1 1/4" -- Part #15-TRJCOD

Cutlass Bearing - 10M MidCabin -- 115.43

10 Meter Mid-Cabin cutlass Bearing

Rudder Bearing (10M)

Lower Rudder Bearing (10M)
10M lower rudder bearing for 1984- 1988 -- 1 3/8". If you have a pre-1984 10M your rudder shaft could be 1 1/4" if so call us for the correct bearing.

Rudder Bearing (10M) -- 35.10

Upper Rudder Bearing
For 10 meter 1984-1988 1 3/8" Rudder shaft. If you have a pre-1984 10 meter with a 1 1/4" rudder shaft please call for correct bearing.

Rudder Bearing (9M) -- 70.20

9 Meter International upper and lower rudder bearings. Two bearings (upper and lower) are need for each rudder. Sold as a set.

Rudder Bearings (11M) -- 123.18

Upper and Lower Rudder Bearings (11M)
Sold as a set (one upper, one lower) -- If you need bearings for both rudders order two sets

Steering Boot Bellows -- 57.75

9 meter International Steering boot protective bellows

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Rudders - New & Reconditioned

Rudders -- New and reconditioned - Call for pricing - 609-713-4602

Split Shaft Coupling

Split shaft coupling for shaft size 1", 1 1/4", 1 3/8", 1 1/2" - Call for pricing

Struts - New & Reconditioned

Struts -- New and reconditioned - Call for pricing - 609-713-4602

10M / 10M Mid-Cabin Rudder

Rudder for 10M and 10M mid-cabin Internationals. This is a reconditioned Trojan 10M or 10M Mid-Cabin rudder. This rudder is no longer available as new. Shipping will be charged after rudder ships. It's best to call Beacon Marine to place this order...

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