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Hatch Gasket -- 11.85

Hatch Gasket - Int'l
Hatch Gasket for Internationals - .5" round hatch gasket used on all International. The International hatch gasket is a special non-porous foam which was made for the Trojan to the original Trojan specification. This means it is closed cell and will not absorb water like other type of foam insulation. Gasket is priced per foot - (Enter the # of feet in Quantity)

Windshield Gasket (A) - Ridged -- 115.32

This ridged gasket was used in the bottom section of the front windshield as a cover for the screws at bottom of windshield. Ships in 2 days if in stock -- if not in stock 2 weeks. Sold in 12 foot sections $115.32 a 12’ section. ** Feel free to call-about availability. **

Windshield Gasket (B) -- 6.64

Windshield Gasket for Internationals
Sold by the foot - Enter # of feet in Qty when ordering

Windshield Gasket (C) -- 6.84

Window Gasket (C)
This gasket goes on the inside of the windshield to cover the wires that go to the wipers and other components. Sold by the foot (enter # of in the Qty)

Gaskets #2 -- Windows // Doors

Can now get these vinyls and gaskets for Trojan F boats and Internationals. Please call for availability and price. Bob - 609-713-4602

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