F36 Trojan TriCabin

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F36 Trojan TriCabin

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F36 Trojan TriCabin

Get ready for lots of fun with family and friends this upcoming season with a boat that was built to give you a full day, a full weekend (or more) of genuinely enjoyable time on the water. The F36 Trojan TriCabin is one of the legendary family or liveaboard boats in the industry and still much sought after today.

This boat is unusually clean. Even the bilge has been detailed! This later model 1987 tri cabin was built when Trojan was Bertram affiliated and benefited from almost 20 years of production refinement so that it is close to ergonomically and handling perfect. These years of refinement give you:

== excellent visibility from the helm

== unusually good visibility for backing up

== very smooth throttle control

== excellent hull tracking giving you easy steering

== spacious and inviting bridge with room for 5 plus

== good space on the aft deck behind the bridge

== enjoyable outdoor seating sculpted into the cabin front

== easy access walk around master bed

== Conversational L shaped seating in the salon (upholstery in very good condition, seats slightly oversized for added comfort)

== master shower with outside porthole light

== midships galley with that even has an island

== 2 cabins -- each with its own head

== shower

== loads of storage, privacy and good headroom in all cabins

One skilled TriCabin pilot said of the F36's handling character, "This boat never says no when I ask it to do something." These qualities made the Trojan TriCabin a boat that was very competitive in the 36-foot yacht market and a boat that the company proudly offered since 1972.
Again, this is a very clean boat.

Freshly serviced by Depco raw water pumps (0 hours).
The engines start and run beautifully.
Fresh oil and filter change (0 hours).
Comparatively, fairly economical to run

Aft cabin, the master cabin, gives you 10 drawers; a night table for each side of the bed; two dresser top surfaces-one on each side of the bed; sizable closet at the foot of the bed; an additional sizable closet with pant hanging racks next to the steps as you exit the aft stateroom; and a privacy door to the head. No climbing over anybody at night because the bed is a full walk-around configuration. Headliner and wall coverings are all in good shape and the carpet is clean. Under the master bed and easily accessible via 3 removable panels is the steering mechanics, the bilge pump, and access to the freshwater tank. There is a full head with a dedicated and sculpted shower that includes a porthole allowing light into the shower area. The sink has a medicine cabinet above, new fixtures, and cabinet doors below for storage. Wood floors installed.

The salon combines years of floor plan adjustments to yield a truly satisfying living space. Noticeably comfortable seating semi surrounds the dining area and the table is right next to the galley’s island making food delivery to the family or guests super convenient. The table itself folds into a space-saving smaller version with fold-up wings, but then offers snack serving dish holders on the folded-up wings, a design feature that always gets compliments. Above the seating is an almost 5 ft long cabinet with a teak framed mirror door and below are 2 storage bins sculpted into the wall. Lengthy windows on each side of the salon area allow lots of light and an additional, center-mounted, watertight hatch serves as a skylight that pours in even more light. Headliner and wall coverings are all in good shape and the carpet is very clean. The starboard side of the salon is the fuse panel which is clean and in good shape proudly displaying the Bertram parent company nameplate along with more tidy and clean storage cabinets forward of the fuse panel.

The galley is unusually friendly because everything surrounds the meal maker. The island has the sink, lots of drawers, a double door cabinet, good counter space and is right next to the dining area. To the port side, there is the refrigerator, the stove, a sizable cutting board, and covered trash receptacle all of which are handily close. Opposite the island is an almost 4 foot counter area with a cabinet, microwave, toaster oven, stereo radio, wine glass rack, a storage cabinet with sliding out shelf, all above the counter surface plus there is a wall mount for a 31” flat screen tv (tv with receptacle mount included). Wood floors installed.

A sizable birth with unexpected headroom. Standing on the birth itself, it is still a bit of a jump to get up and out of the forward hatch, in short, spacious. Lockers flank the walls either side at the foot of the bed (one with shelves, one set up for hanging garments) and there are 2 more storage bins plus even more drawers under the mattress at the foot of the bed. Opposite the foot of the bed is a vanity table with a drawer. There is a head with shower capability and a privacy door (new fixtures).

The cockpit bridge is unusually friendly and always invites people to sit around and visit because everyone faces each other around the helm. The pilot has excellent visibility on all sides and is especially well-positioned for backing the boat into a slip. Fuel flow gauge. Sytex plotter with temp and depth. Icom VHF.

New in 2017.

Side decks are generous for walking fore and aft. The forward portion of the cabin has seating sculpted into itself for a really enjoyable time in the sun in a separate place at the front of the boat. The pulpit extends measurably in front of the bow providing very good visibility and management of the anchor line. Bow pulpit teak stained and varnished recently.

The handling of the boat is simple and rewarding because the boat goes right where you point it and tracks dependably. The throttle control is unusually smooth with an almost perfect one to one response from the engine speed to your touch on the throttle. Shifting is very smooth with no clunk or slam.

BONUS GOODIES -- worth $3,000.00 plus are included
== 2 perfect, conditioned, spare props -- about 1100.00 value
[Michigan Wheel; Diameter/pitch: 17/20 inch; Blades: 3; Material: Bronze; MSRP: $857.00; Price: $651.32]

== 1 “in the box” Goode windlass plus manufacturer matched 200’ “in the box” 9/16 color-coded Goode anchor line
[F850 Free-drop rope/chain windlass w/ 9/16” x 200’ anchor line kit w/ 10’ BBB galvanized chain lead] 34’ to 55’ $1995.00

LOA -------------------------------- 36ft
Beam -------------------------------- 13ft
Draft -------------------------------- 35”
Freeboard fwd ---------------------- 63”
Freeboard aft ----------------------- 53”
Weight -------------------------------- 17,500
Clearance on cradle ----------------- 14’2”
Horsepower (twin Crusaders) ------- 540
== Port engine; 941 hours
== Starboard engine: 1186 hours
Fuel -------------------------------- 220 gal
Water -------------------------------- 66 gal
Hot water --------------------------- 20 gal
Black-water (custom) -------------- 20 gal
Sleeps -------------------------------- 6
Height from waterline
(to highest point) ------------------- 12’3”
Anchor (never worry overnight) -------66 lb. Simpson Lawrence “claw”
Air conditioners ----------------------- 2
Generator MCK Onan (6.5k) ----------- 1
Batteries (3 standard) ---------------- 4 (new)

The TriCabin is at the former Loggerhead now St. Petersburg Marina in slip 100 and is less than 2 mins from exit 16 or 17 on 275. I live less than 8 mins from the marina, so I can show you the boat almost anytime that is good for you.

Additional Pictures: Sickles F36 TriCabin.zip

Asking: $19,000.00
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