F26 Trojan info needed

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F26 Trojan info needed

Post by landroversteve »

I am looking for an old F25/26 thats in good condition and a reasonable price. I live on the Eastern shore of Maryland. I am also looking for a suitable trailer to hold the boat, thanks

c abbott
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f 26

Post by c abbott »

My wife might sell 71/72 hull 231-1041 needs tlc mechanic quit work no exhaust or impeller has pulpit and arch very original... on trailer ..florida never heard it run forward windows cracked at bottom center soft deck in cockpit marginal instruments ...post reply
1972 trojan

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Post by dietwrite »

From how far away are you willing to purchase?
I think my husband and I have decided not t sell our 77 Express Cruiser 25' but we seem to change our minds on a daily basis. We're in Arkansas. Cabin is in fantastic shape, but I'd have to ask my husband for a mechanical report. There is a newer boat available for sale here and if we bought it, my husband says we can not keep both! :?

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Re: F26 Trojan info needed

Post by GERRY26 »

I have the 61' Sea Breeze Cruiser(26') listed for sale on the forum.........GERRY26

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