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International Series

Marine Drive Variations

Stern Drive (Inboard/Outboard, Outdrive)
The engine is mounted inside the boat. The transmission/drive unit is outside, attached to the transom. The engine and drive unit are joined by a torque coupler and universal joint. Angling the drive steers the boat.

The engine and transmission/drive unit are inside the boat. A drive shaft is connected at the rear of the transmission and is run out of the hull through a sealing unit. The propeller is connected directly to the drive shaft at the in-water end. A separate rudder steers the boat.

Basically a modified inboard installation. The engine is mounted with the front (pulley end) facing stern (rear). The transmission faces the bow (front) and by the use of a universal joint on the end of the transmission, the drive shaft is directed stern-wards under the engine and through the hull. The propeller/rudder arrangement is the same as in a standard inboard installation.

Jet Drive
The engine is mounted inside the boat and attached to a high speed pump which draws in water through an intake grate, increases its velocity and forces it out through a directionally adjustable nozzle which is mounted outside the boat. Changing the direction of the nozzle steers the boat.

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