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Trojan F-32 Models 320 / 321 / 322
F-32 Express Cruiser (Model 320)
She came with or without a hard top but most often with both the hard top and flybridge. It did not have a patio door or a salon. The engine room was about 30 feet aft of what is on the F-32 model 321 this allowed for a larger cabin.

F-32 Sedan (Model 321)
She was the most popular of all the F-32 models. She came with a patio door and salon. The flybridge was originally an option but later became standard.

F-32 Sport Fisherman (Model 322)
This Trojan had a larger open deck but was saddled with a smaller cabin and flybridge. Engine room was located in the same location as the model 321. The last 322 was made in 1976. In 1989 Trojan came out with a new Model 322 which was the same as the Sedan (Model 321) but had a mummy-style bed similar to what you would see on a Trojan International 10 meter.

Cored Hulls?
We are often asked -- Did any Trojan Boats have balsa cored hulls?? Only the 11, 12, 13 and 14 meter Trojan International boats had cored hulls. On the 10.8M there were places under the engine room and the fuel tanks where small sections were balsa cored to add strength.

Did you know that there was a 15 meter Trojan International? Yes, but only one was ever built. There was also a 42-foot Chesapeake work boat built from the hull of the 42 flush deck motor yacht. Again only one was ever built.

From wood to fiberglass...
Did you know that between 1958 and 1974 (end of the wooden Trojans) about 65,000 wooden boats were made by Trojan. Unfortunately, Trojan was slow to recognize the shift from wood to fiberglass construction. Jim McQueen, president of Trojan, never liked fiberglass. He thought it was a fad and it has been told that he often said "if God meant boats to be build of fiberglass He would have made fiberglass trees." By the end of the 1960's, Trojan had not yet built a fiberglass boat. When Trojan began to build fiberglass boats, it turned to a local fiberglass bath tub company to turn out the early fiberglass hulls. As with all thing Trojan - they excelled at fiberglass too. Even today the Trojan fiberglass boats are considered to have some of the best fiberglass hulls ever made.

Trojan / Bertram / and so on ...
Did you know that in 1968 Trojan became part of Whittaker (a company which purchased several boat companies). Bertram boats were one of the companies and marinas under the umbrella of Whittaker. The reason for the merger was to gain the capital necessary to begin the retooling to make fiberglass Trojan boats. In late 1980, Whittaker sold off the other companies and Trojan and Bertram were packaged and sold as one company becoming Bertram-Trojan (BTI). During the next 10 years, BTI changed ownership from several different investment groups till 1992. In 1992, the Trojan part of BTI was sold to Carver for around $800,000. Carver only took the 10.8, 11, 12 and 13 fiberglass meter boat molds. They never made any 11, 12 or 13 meter boats and these fiberglass molds were later destroyed. Carver did make boats from the Trojan fiberglass mold for the 10.8M (360 model). Carver did modify the 360 10.8 fiberglass mold so it was never the exact same boat as the Trojan 10.8. The Carver 360 model was made until 2005.

The Delta Conic hull ...
For the decades prior to 1983; there was very little change in the construction of boats by US boat builders. The safety of merely imitating that which had been "proven and successful" had become an addictive habit for all boat manufacturers. So, while virtually every facet of society and technology advanced at an increasing pace, powered boats continued to be built using the same basic construction techniques and principles.

Then, in 1983, Trojan Yachts made a bold and extraordinary move! The 10M Trojan International with its Delta Conic hull and European style was introduced. This progressive and innovative style was a major change and it quickly became the template and benchmark for US boat builders for the next 30 years. As one major newspaper stated in 1983 "Eyeball this elegant boat and you will have an idea of what boats will look like in the future."

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