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We Winterize EVERYTHING!
Inboards / Outboards
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Whether you're laying your boat up for the winter, hauling it over the roadways, or storing it for a prolonged period of time, shrink wrap can offer you a fast, economical, and worry free option to protect your vessel from the damaging effects of the elements. Tarps and canvas covers are simply not the most effective solution. Water that sits on your deck surfaces will find its way into small cracks and by freezing and thawing will work to damage the core of your boat. A properly installed shrink wrap cover will ensure that you have a tight, puncture resistant, weatherproof cover that is custom made to fit your boat and keep it protected.

We build a very sturdy framework structure, use premium 7mil shrink-wrap plastic and tape all seams and pleats. We install an ample number of vents to prevent mold growth. We also keep the work area clean and recycle everything possible. If any issues arise with our covers --- we will remedy the problem as quickly as possible

Finally, there is only a small two month window where our services are needed. We like to work with our loyal boat owners who value the quality and economy of the service and the product. The bottom line is that we will be here to serve you for years to come and will provide you with the quality service and product that you've come to expect from Beacon Marine Supply.


What is Shrink Wrap?
Shrink wrap is a polyethylene plastic that is formulated to shrink when heat is applied to it. Shrink wrap is used in many different applications throughout the world from sealing bags and products, to food services to construction applications. Shrink wrap plastic when heated shrinks tight to whatever it is wrapped around and or secured to. This shrinking process actually makes the plastic stronger when installed properly. During the installation process the shrink wrap will shrink tight and cure in that position.

Why use Shrink Wrap instead of a plastic tarp?
Shrink wrap comes in many different sizes and thickness depending on the application. When installed properly, shrink wrap can be tougher than tarps and much tighter around the product than a tarp. This helps to eliminate stretching and tearing from wind. This also keeps the plastic from scratching the product it is on. Most shrink wrap materials have UV inhibitors made into them to fight the damage the sun causes to many kinds of tarps

Mobile Marine Service -- We will come to you
** Included in price - framing, wrapping and venting **

     Boats up to 19'- $11.00 per foot
     Boats 20' to 23'-$13.00 per foot
     Boats 24' to 26'- $14.00 per foot
     Boats 27' to 31' - $15.00 per foot
     Boats over 31' - $18.00 per foot
     Boats In Water - Please call for quote
     Zipper door, Center console and FlyBridges - +$40
     With Radar arch over FlyBridge - +$50
     Wave Runners / Jet ski = $100

We will shrink wrap anything --
cars, machinery, lawn furniture, sheds, motor homes, RV, tractors

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