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1975 Trojan F-36 Convertible
(Photo courtesy of Lisa O'Hara)

1975 Trojan F-36 Convertible
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This 1975 Trojan F-36 Convertible comes with two Chrysler 440 gas engines, rated at 330 hp each. While the top speed is in the 25-knot range, the owners prefer a more moderate cruise speed of 7 knots to conserve fuel and enjoy the scenery. Fuel use is about 4 or 5 gallons per hour at that speed, though the boat will cruise easily at 15 to 18 knots.

How’s it been, though, owning and keeping up a 44-year-old boat? If you can find a place such as Beacon Marine Supply of Easton, Pennsylvania, it’s not that hard. Beacon Marine specializes in Trojan boats, dispensing advice and spare parts, company history and a few sea stories too. "Having support for an older boat is critical to me -- I do a lot of the improvement projects by myself, and the Trojan community is very helpful."

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