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Trojan Gauges 1970-1980

From 1970-1980 Trojan used AC Delco gauges. Occasionally, some Trojan F Boats before 1980 (like the F-30 1979-1980) used Datcon gauges. From 1980-1992 all F Boats had Datcon gauges. (We have many of the original Datcon Gauges). The important thing to know and remember about AC Delco gauges is that they will only work Delco brand senders. The reverse is also true. A Delco sender will only work with a Delco gauge. Problems occur when these rules are not followed. Often this is the mistake of a marine technician who is unaware of how Delco gauges and senders work together.

A very common mistake deals with Delco gauges and senders. Typically, an owner notices a gauge problem and assumes it's an issue with the sender. The sender is replaced with an off-brand / non-Delco sender -- only to find that the Delco gauge readings are off or the gauge is not working at all.

Here are some of the basics of Delco gauges and senders:

1. You can identify a Delco gauge by it's tin backing. Delco gauges do not have plastic backs.

2. There are two types of Delco gauge - a single station gauge and a dual station gauge. Delco gauges are are also stamped as 'Single' or 'Dual' on the side (see photo)

3. Each type of Delco gauge has a single sender. For example, Delco fuel gauges must use a Delco fuel sender. The same applies to engine temperature and oil pressure gauges. Note: A Delco sender will power either a single or a dual gauge system.

4. Trojan used either white needle or orange needle Delco gauges.

At Beacon Marine, we have Delco single and dual gauges. We also have the senders for fuel and engine temperature. We *do not* have any Delco oil pressure senders. But, *WE DO* have an oil pressure gauge that is a close match to the Delco oil gauge and a matching oil pressure sender.

Delco gauges #1

Delco gauges #2

Delco gauges #3

Delco gauges #4

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