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Trojan Gauges 1970-1980

From 1970-1980 --Trojan used AC Delco gauges. Occasionally, some pre-1980Trojan F-Boats like the F-30 (1979-1980) used Datcon gauges.

Problems tend to occur when the rules below are not followed. Often, this is the mistake of a marine technician who is inexperienced or unaware of how Delco gauges and senders work together. A very common mistake deals with Delco gauges and senders. Typically, an owner notices a gauge problem and assumes it's an issue with the sender. The sender is replaced with an off-brand / non-Delco sender -- only to find that the Delco gauge readings are incorrect, or the gauge is not working at all.

Here are some of the basics of Delco gauges and senders:

1. You can identify a Delco gauge by its tin backing. Delco gauges do not have plastic backs.

2. There are two types of Delco gauge - a single station gauge and a dual station gauge. Delco gauges are also stamped as 'Single' or 'Dual' on the side (see photo)

3. Each type of Delco gauge has a single sender. For example, Delco fuel gauges must use a Delco fuel sender. The same applies to engine temperature and oil pressure gauges. Note: A Delco sender will power either a single or a dual gauge system.

4. Trojan used either white needle or orange needle Delco gauges

5 you cannot use a NON AC-Delco gauge with a AC Delco gauge. For example, you cannot change the flybridge gauges to non-Delco without change the lower station gauges as well.

===>> You **cannot** remove a flybridge and expect the lower station AC Delco gauges to work.
===>> You **cannot** remove the lower station and expect the flybridge AC Delco gauges to work.
===>> AC Delco senders only work with AC Delco gauges.

At Beacon Marine we have some AC Delco single and dual gauges.

NOTE: There are no more senders for fuel, engine temperature or oil pressure. WE *DO* have an oil pressure gauge, water temperature and fuel gauge that is a closely matches the look of the Delco oil, water and fuel gauge. We also have senders for the oil pressure, water temperature and fuel.

Questions call -- 609 713 4602

oil pressure gauge replacement
Above is the appearance of the replacement gauge.

Delco gauges #2

Delco gauges #3

Delco gauges #4

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