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The International Sport-yacht is a Renaissance,
Not a Revision.

When you invest in something new,
you deserve more than a re-creation of the old.

1983 Trojan international Catalog Line

Most of the new boats built in America today are excellent history lessons. Look them over and you can see exactly what's been happening in the US boat-building industry for the past several decades. Very little.

But now, there's a genuinely new yacht that's well worth your investment. The International SportYacht. Here you'll find a bold realization of the future, not a dull re-creation of the past. Against tradition, using good common sense, we stepped forward and introduced something new..."new" as in original, innovative and superior.

In an International SportYacht, engineering means more than hull design and ease of performance.
It means "human engineering" as well, by crafting boats that families and friends will live in, play in, motor away and stay in. And that means designing boats right, with full attention to all the little things that add up to be such a big thing when it comes to boating pleasure.

You see it immediately in the interiors. Smooth contours and curved companionways welcome you to a world of easy elegance. The unique International design has made possible molded interiors perfect for graceful living. The result is a SportYacht as stylish as it is functional. From its curving bulkheads and doors to its elliptical port lights and plush interior decors, the Internationals are a delightful symphony of form and color; a renaissance in yachting style.
But above all, the Internationals are functional boats. For a long week-end away, they offer comfortable accommodations for four, six, eight or ten, depending on the model you choose. The heads are large modular units, fitted out with molded-in shower, vanity and sink. There's even contoured safety hand rails and large medicine cabinets with make-up/shaving light and mirrors.

The galleys were conceived to leave a chef smiling. They're custom modular units designed for functional convenience, be it a snack or a dinner. There is a contoured dish locker, counters and storage. And for the chef who wants it all, there's even an optional microwave oven.
1983 International SportYacht

In terms of convenience, the International SportYachts are exceptional. Take the contemporary cabin doors, some with push button entry. Or the windshield washer on the larger models where a flick of a switch clears saltwater residue easily. For the boater preferring the comfort of home, there's an optional reverse cycle heating and air conditioning system with vents strategically located throughout the boat. And for the boater who can't bear to leave anything at home, there's stowage: stowage in the forward cabin, stowage in the aft-cabin, stowage in the main cabin, in the dinette, in the galley. And even in the cockpit. The Internationals are tuned to the little things like no other line of boats.
We've tailored our SportYachts for easy operation. The helm stations are ergonomically designed. The sculptured command consoles are arranged for easy scanning and built for easy maintenance access. The consoles include all the necessary engine monitoring gauges, including audible alarms.We even provide an audible high bilge-water alarm. For added safety, there's a digital depth sounder with audible alarm (optional in the 9 Meter). The power start system automatically parallels cranking batteries when the-ignition is engaged, for quick, easy starting. In addition, there's a manual emergency start system Flush mounted lights provide cockpit illumination,while on the optional, swept-back Mediterranean Arch, directional flood-lights offer even more lighting flexibility.
A few other International special touches are the rugged, welded aluminum fuel tanks, cartridge type fuel filters and anti-siphon devices built into the fuel lines. The molded-in Aqua- Sonic exhaust system feeds exhaust gases through port and starboard outlets directly into the air vortex at the waterline.

The Internationals are that uncommon treat in boating: SportYachts seaworthy enough to satisfy a seasoned skipper, with designs pure enough to please an artist. It's nothing less than remarkable. In fact, Popular Science simply states that it's "a landmark in boat design."
1983 International Sport Express console
Complete Command Console with non-glare surface
1983 International Sport Express galley with sliding door
Contemporary Galley with sliding door stowage


The SportYacht is built to satisfy
boaters who look beneath the surface.
When we developed the revolutionary SportYacht concept, we felt it had to be more than merely a unique exterior facade. The SportYachts had to offer genuine value that can be seen not only in such things as stylish graphics and designs, but in the integrity of the internal construction as well. An area where there is no room for compromise.

At the Trojan Yacht Division of Whittaker Corporation, boating has been our business for over thirty-five years. Along the way we've developed a respected reputation. But we know that tomorrow's reputation is being built today. Which is why in the International series we've gone to great lengths to make certain our boats are tested, tried and true.

The testing began with hull designs. Years were spent in a determined quest for the ideal hull shape. Thousands of hours of testing and evaluation of many designs were expended before the Delta-Conic hull was selected. Then the designers set out to complement this unique hull shape with a style that stands by itself.

Next, we perfected the manufacturing processes necessary to create the International SportYachts. With the prototype, the International concept became a reality, as a new standard of excellence in pleasure boating was born. To bring this excellence to you required a commitment to a new high level of quality in manufacturing and material standards.

For example, the thoroughness of engine selection. Our engineers select engines only after a thorough evaluation. In gas and diesel, these power plants must measure up to our exacting standards of performance, dependability, efficiency and compatibility. The engines installed in the Internationals are thoroughly tested, at the engine plant, on the bench prior to installation, again in the test pool with all systems hooked up and in periodic sea trials.

The same exacting standards and meticulous scrutiny are applied in the selection and testing of all component parts. Propellers are selected through calculation and performance testing. Lights, gauges, switches, dials, and wiring harnesses (number coded for easy reference) are tested prior to installation and again with all systems operating.

Generators step through 14 separate inspections and tests. And that's not even half of the quality assurance story. Hundreds of tests and inspections are completed before an International SportYacht leaves the factory.

We're especially proud of the International appearance. Which is why we've introduced exterior graphics -- by now an International SportYacht trademark. And to assure that our multi-colored hues will last, they've been tested for heat, temperature change, even dust and sand impact.

At Trojan, we build boats with pride. Just ask the people who build them. Or our Line Supervisors. Or our Quality Assurance Inspectors. Or the Quality Control Manager who moves carefully through our boats in the workshop, long after everyone else has gone home.
International SportYacht Quality.
It's tested, tried and true. We expect the best from ourselves. And give the best to you.

In fact, we have such confidence in design and construction, every International SportYacht comes with the Trojan Yacht Limited Pleasure Boat Warranty as well as a full five-year transferable Limited Hull Warranty on the structural integrity of the hull.
1983 Trojan factory line
1983 Trojan Factory Line

9 Meter sport express with arch
9 Meter Sport Express with Arch

11 Meter sport express with arch
11 Meter Sport Express with Arch

15 Meter sport Yacht
15 Meter Sport Yacht


You can make a SportYacht
an expression of your personality
and taste.
Trojan sport yacht customizing

Trojan sport yacht customizing

Trojan sport yacht customizing

Trojan sport yacht customizing

Trojan sport yacht customizing

Trojan sport yacht customizing

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