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Trojan Boat -- Owner Pictures #4

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1985 10M International
Name: Fin Addict
Email: jtwalker80@comcast net
Location: Indian River,Delaware
Details: 1985 10M International, Custom hardtop, Custom seats, Weblon Enclosure, Tracy Int. Helm seat, Custom combing pads, c120 radar, GPS, depth finder, new refrigerator, new microwave, new exhaust

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1974 Trojan F32
Name: Long Weekend
Email: jviveiros@electro-fix com
Location: New England Region - Attleboro, MA
Details: 1974 Trojan F32 -- Originally powered by twin 318's and velvet drives, it is now being re-powered to twin Diesel Volvo's (200 hp) with ZF gears and new support systems. Custom hardtop on the fly-bridge with built in electronics enclosure and window treatments.

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1977 F-32 sedan
Name: (Unknown)
Email: aia@acsalaska net
Location: Anchorage, AK
Details: 1977 F-32 sedan

1978 Trojan Sport Fish
Name: (Unknown)
Location: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
Details: 1978 Trojan Sport Fish -- Two Volvo Diesels 240 HP with blowers.

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1961 Trojan Ski Bee Runabout
Name: Das Boot
Email: Guystr09@aol com
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Details: 1961 Trojan Ski Bee 17' Runabout -- 292 Ford 'Y' Block V8 Interceptor. All mahogany sanded and refinished, dry rot repaired with new wood, hull sanded, patched, caulked and painted, upholstery re-finished. Added forced air ventilation system. All work done by myself (hull restoration) and my father (engine and mechanical) except for upholstery.

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1977 F-32 fly-bridge sedan
Name: After Hours
Email: Kskbskok@aol com
Location: Towson, MD
Details: 1977 F-32 fly-bridge sedan

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1988 12 Meter
Name: Eagle II
Email: vince@healthmats com
Location: Somers Point, NJ
Details: 1988 12 Meter

1976 F-26
Name: Sundrenched
Email: r.edmunds@insightbb com
Details: 1976 F-26 that we keep on the Illinois River in Peoria, Illinois. She has been a good boat and still looks great. We had to use a lot of elbow grease to get her looking like she is now. She is one of 5 in the harbor all of which are all different but 76-79 years.

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1978 F30
Name: (Unknown)
Email: (none provided)
Location: Grand Isle, LA.
Details: 1978 F30 # 304 8020

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1972 25' Trojan Sea Raider
Name: The Pelican
Email: ArtNickel@hotmail com
Location: Ontario, Canada
Details: 1972 25' Trojan Sea Raider -- mostly used in the Lake Simcoe area. Bought this one the summer of 2002 and love it. I would be interested in discussing restoration and maintenance with anyone else who has similar Trojan (things like restoration tips and things to look out for)

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1968 Sea Voyager
Name: (Unknown)
Email: (not provided)
Location: (Unknown)
Details: 1968 Sea Voyager 36'

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1968 Trojan Sea Voyager
Name: (Unknown)
Email: (not provided)
Location: (Unknown)
Details: 1968 Trojan Sea Voyager

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Sea Queen 1954-1959
Name: (Unknown)
Email: (not provided)
Location: (Unknown)
Details: Sea Queen 1954-1959

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1964 Sea Voyager
Name: (Unknown)
Email: (not provided)
Location: (Unknown)
Details: 1964 Sea Voyager 36'

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Trojan Boat 16' RunAbout
Name: (Not Provided)
Email: corders@rea-alp com
Location: Alexandria, MN
Details: Trojan Boat 16' RunAbout - Currently restoring this runabout. I think it is a 1956 model. I need help on the color scheme of the hull. Any help out there?

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