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1952 Trojan "Off-Shore" Angler
Deep Water Fishing & Family Runabout

1952 Off-Shore Angler

Here at last is an outboard boat to take you to blue water and bring you back again. Now, with an outboard, you can fish the same waters - in safety - as the large party-boats do. Extra depth and beam, plus continuous bow-to-stern flare for dryness, give you a low priced boat with all the sea-going qualities of the larger Trojan Sea Queens. And Trojan's superior bottom form provides that high performance which gets you there and back in a hurry. Easy to row, too.

Sturdy construction plus smart styling makes the Off-Shore Angler an excellent family runabout. All-mahogany accessories such as forward deck, center deck and seat backs will dress up its roomy hull . . . match its appearance with its top-notch performance. Accessories may be added at any time and are easily installed by your dealer or by yourself.

Because actual boat building is an art, we completely assemble the hull and do not offer the Off-Shore Angler "knocked down". This assures you of having a boat that is "right". If you can wield a brush you can do everything necessary. Just a few hours of "tinkering" and your boat is complete. Spend a pleasant evening or two getting it ready to go and you're off to years of enjoyment.

10 M.P. motor planes it along at 30 M.P.H. Tough framing and one-piece bottom give the strength and rigidity so necessary for the larger motors. Its fast Trojan lines plus construction featuring two transom knees and two full-length keels, give you the speed and endurance for unlimited fast-boat thrills. Two deep runners on the bottom cut down skids at high speeds for maximum controllability.

The 1952 Trojan Off-Shore Angler is available completely assembled but in an unfinished state. All of the "hard" work has been done for you. The hull is complete. Just add seats and other trim. You can go boating the day you receive your ready-to-paint Trojan Off-Shore Angler if you want to.

1952 off shore angler-1

1952 off shore angler-2

1952 off shore angler-4


The smooth, varnished, all-mahogany forward deck assembly screws in place easily and securely. All holes are pre-drilled and only a screw driver is required to mount it. Oak beams make it capable of supporting several hundred pounds. The Lifting handle is not included. Like the hull itself, it is also available unfinished for those who prefer to do their own finishing work. Shipped complete with necessary screws.

Solid mahogany dashboard and mahogany-faced plywood deck panel are naturally finished to match forward deck and seat backs. Easily screwed in place through pre-drilled holes. Forward edge of panel screws to the forward seat back (ordered separately, see below). Oak beams for rigidity and wide mahogany dashboard permit installation of runabout-type wheel of your choice. Complete with screws and "trojan" nameplate.

Seat backs for forward and center seats are available. They are made of solid Philippine mahogany and given a natural finish to bring out the indescribable beauty of this wood. Furnished complete with blocks and screws for attaching, they are also available unfinished. Smoothly rounded edges give cushion effect.

These sturdy fir or redwood panels assemblies protect the inside of the planking from scruffing or other damage. They are easy to install or remove with just a screwdriver. When the floorboards are removed, inside of the hull is completely smooth for easy cleaning and refinishing. Furnished in a set of three panels, with screws.

Consists of bow handle and two stern handles, complete with screws. Polished aluminum.

6" cleat and pair of bow chocks for dressing up the forward deck. Polished aluminum, with screws.

North River (riveted horn) or open horn type. Polished aluminum with micarta bearings for quiet rowing. Screws included.

Polished aluminum half-oval molding three feet long - dresses up the stem of your boat - guards against damage to the hull from bumping docks, etc. Screws included.


Quality materials throughout assure long life for the Trojan Off-Shore Angler. All framing is of selected white oak, except transom, which is solid Philippine mahogany. Planking is marine grade fir plywood . . . 14" on sides and 3/4" 5-ply on bottom. Bottom is one piece from chine to chine, eliminating keel joint and possible leaks. All joints are glued with synthetic resin glue for maximum water resistance. Fastenings are brass for salt water use. All seats, seat backs, decks and sheer trim are solid Philippine mahogany for both good looks and long life.

Length ----- 13'-7"
Beam ----- 63"
Depth ----- 29"
Transom width ----- 55"
Motors ------ 25HP
Weight ----- #215
Shipping ----- #325

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