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There's no way
you're going to believe the price.

Introducing the new fiberglass Trojan F-36.

Outside, she's made to go hard. With a hull that flattens seas. And gives you that good, solid feeling of top-notch design and craftsmanship under your feet.

Inside, she's made for easy living. With 3 private sleeping areas. And a penthouse-size head with shower. And a gorgeous teak-trimmed galley. And deep plush carpeting. And the kind of roominess nobody's ever seen in a 36 before. Nobody.

And in spring fishing tournaments where she was thoroughly tested and de-bugged, she impressed a lot of fishermen who aren't easily impressed. Impressed them with performance overall. And impressed them with details. Like a control panel that looks like something out of the Apollo program. And a round live bait well that keeps blue runners from killing themselves in the corners.

And sliding port covers. And tinted glass throughout, including patio doors and hatches. And a refrigerator that is on top rather than under the counter. So you don't have to break your neck to get to>
The options include a super air conditioning system. An ice maker-freezer. A combination hi-lo table and liquor locker. And about any kind of power you can imagine. Including diesels.

But we've saved the best for last. When we figured up the price, we came out below all the competition in actual retail dollars — in actual dollars spent. By thousands.

The F-36 comes in three models. So if you're in the market for a Sport Fisherman or a Sport Sedan or a Family Sedan Cruiser, make the rounds. Check out Chris-Craft and Bertram and Pacemaker and Hatteras and anybody else. Then check out the new F-36.

See your dealer or write: Trojan Yacht, Lancaster, Penn. 17604.
A subsidiary of Whittaker Corp.

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