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The new Trojan 25'.
Next year you'll see at least 3 cheaper imitations

Whenever a new boat is introduced a lot of "ma and pa" boat companies start looking it over very closely.

If it's an especially nice boat it isn't long before reasonable facsimiles start popping out all over the place. Right now a lot of midnight oil is being burned on our F-25 Express Cruiser.

The imitations will be a little cheaper. And chances are they'll short-change you on little things like quality and seaworthiness. Unfortunately, like the song says, little things mean a lot.

Our tough fiberglass hull, for example, is uncommonly wide in the bottom for increased lateral stability. So she's steady and stable both underway and at rest.
Inside, she's complete. A soup-to-nuts, 4-sleeper. With full galley, extra-roomy head, hanging locker, and a warm finished interior. And you can add a dash of extra "salt" to the décor by ordering a teak package: teak cockpit deck, cover boards, toe rails and aft coaming.

Topside, there's another typical Trojan touch. A molded-in, foredeck seat. And a handsome, fiberglass hardtop is available too.

You can order the F-25 right now at your Trojan dealer. (He's in the Yellow Pages.) Or for more facts write: Trojan Yacht, Caller Box 1571, Lancaster, PA. 17604.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a cheapish 25' that sort of resembles a Trojan, just wait a year. There'll be plenty.
Trojan F-25 Express Cruiser

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